The beleafing project and new entrepreneurs: the case of the Enrico Raimondo company

The artisan Enrico Raimondo completely devoted to Made in Italy, for six years has chosen to develop his business by exploiting the element of speed, the carbon fiber that is the soul of his dynamic and exclusive creations. His technique allows the reuse of waste accumulated during the classic carbon processing; helps reduce the environmental impact of waste and at the same time guarantees the uniqueness of each creation. The craftsman reuses waste materials from the production of carbon and leather objects and creates new fabrics. The impact of his production is in fact aligned with the “zero emissions” paradigm, with CO2 and fine dust compensation projects in order to prevent environmental disadvantages of any kind

Aware of the value and importance of sustainability, he wanted to join the urban forestry project by joining Beleafing and aspiring to make the world greener, also involving citizens who will later enjoy these privileges. Enrico Raimondo personally donated 100 trees to the Province of Vicenza and to partner companies such as Cantina Ongaresca, Stebor s.r.l. and Compositex.

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