Verallia donates 1000 trees to the citizens of the Municipality of Lonigo and wears green

The Verallia plant in Lonigo ranked first in the “Integration Program 2021” contest that Corporate Verallia S.p.a. together with Pur Project, a French company that deals with regenerating ecosystems and creating long-term socio-environmental projects, it has created between 9 countries and 17 branches around the world.
The aim of the contest is to present projects with strong environmental sustainability that improve not only the plant but also the neighboring public area in a green key with long-lasting projects. The project proposal is very strong as it combines a great combination of environmental, digital, awareness and inclusion action as it integrates many key stakeholders such as the local municipality, residents, workers and the surrounding community.

The victory was possible thanks to the scientific and technical support of beLeafing srl, an innovative start-up specializing in environmental projects and green marketing with the support and participation of the municipality that hosts the Verallia headquarters in question, the Municipality of Lonigo.

  • The first action implemented is the donation by Verallia of 1,000 trees that the citizens of Lonigo and the employees of the company will have the task of planting in their private gardens, with the aim of favoring the process of widespread urban forestation and investee. It will then be possible to book a tree for free on the website and collect it at the event organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Lonigo and Verallia.
  • The second action is the redevelopment of the factory entrance from a green perspective, with renovation of the office facade with the creation of green walls. The goal is to also configure the access element to the production plant in the most sustainable way possible, so that it is at the same level as the product that Verallia puts on the market.
  • Finally, the third step of the path enhances an area inside the plant thanks to the creation of an orchard and special buildings aimed at promoting the life of bees. From 50 to 60 will be planted, to be considered extra compared to the 1,000 already mentioned, following the preferences expressed by employees in the iGreengo co-design application. These trees will be between 2 and 3 years old and will have a height between 1.2m and 2m.

The element of innovation lies in the co-design of this area, through the iGreengo application developed by the Adaptev srl spin-off company approved by the IUAV University of Venice. Each person within the company will have the opportunity to express their preferences on tree species and on the various types of elements to be included; thus participating actively and personally in the whole process of enhancing this area.

The last phase of the project involves the redevelopment of a public area adjacent to the plant using the iGreengo application again, which in this case involves the people inside Verallia and the citizens of Lonigo in the co-design.


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