From their future, ours. Let’s save bees from extinction


On “National Tree Day”, November 21, 2021, DANI S.p.a. and beleafing, joined in the delivery of 500 trees of beekeeping interest, part of which was donated to the garden of the IPAB in Chiampo.
The delivery event was hosted in the Automotive headquarters of DANI in Arzignano, where chestnut, lime, cherry and dogwood trees were given to citizens who had previously booked the trees through the online platform

A very important moment was that of the thanks of Giancarlo Dani and Matteo Macilotti, mayor of the Municipality of Chiampo, at the headquarters of the IPAB, the Assistance Service Center and Nursery School, in which the trees, donated by the tanning company, were planted.
Mayor Macilotti described the inauguration as “an important moment because new life is planted, precisely in the festival of trees. I thank our entrepreneurs who are able to give jobs, well-being to citizens and clean air. The project in collaboration with beleafing is an example of a good society, where citizens, institutions and businesses work together for a common good. ”

In the meantime, in Arzignano the citizens who collected their trees were welcomed by the beleafing team and that of DANI, who generously offered a refreshment point and a space where they could spend the Sunday morning. At around 11.00, Giancarlo Dani, Diego Pellizzaro on behalf of beleafing and the councilor Giovanni Lovato of Arzignano intervened. In addition to his thanks, he proudly expressed “I can only be satisfied, because to see that 500 plants disappeared almost immediately. This is a sign that our fellow citizens care about their environment. We also know that bees are essential for our biodiversity and we know that they are highly endangered, I hope this initiative can continue. ”

Now all the 500 trees donated have found their garden and have marked an important step towards the achievement of the “5000 trees for the Chiampo Valley” campaign.

We hope to see photos of your new plants soon!

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