The roots of the future: 500 trees for the territory

Gruppo Mastrotto plants the roots of 500 trees in the Chiampo Valley and in the gardens of its employees.

On 22 April 2021 on World Earth Day, the Mastrotto group, s.p.a. based in the tanning district of Arzignano, a few kilometers from Vicenza, it has decided to take part in the “5000 trees for the Chiampo Valley” beleafing campaign; project that was launched in December 2019 to support the Municipalities of Arzignano and Chiampo in the reforestation of urban areas and promote biodiversity.

The company boasts of 480 million consolidated turnover and more than 2,500 employees worldwide with 18 production and logistics plants in Italy and abroad (Brazil, Indonesia, Tunisia and Mexico) and sells its products in more than 110 Countries, producing for all areas of skin application.
Thanks to his participation, a total of 500 trees were donated: 300 to employees and 200 were divided between the “Giacomo Pellizzari” Sports Park in Arzignano and the cycle / pedestrian path that connects the municipalities of Arzignano and Chiampo.


The inauguration ceremony was held in both municipalities involved; in the morning in the “Giacomo Pellizzari” Sports Park in Arzignano in which 100 cherry trees have been planted and in the afternoon on the cycle-pedestrian path of Chiampo, where 20 cherry trees, 20 dogwoods, 15 white hornbeams and 15 lime trees have found their home, for a total of 70 trees. The last 30 will instead be planted in autumn.

During the event, Alessia Bevilacqua and Giovanni Lovato, Mayor and Councilor for the Environment of Arzignano, took part; Matteo Macilotti, Filippo Negro and Massimo Masiero, Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Urban Planning of the Municipality of Chiampo. With their interventions, they declared that they want to commit themselves to enhancing green areas and returning to the territory what in some way has been subtracted by human intervention and the exceptional atmospheric agents of recent years.

The president, Chiara Mastrotto, spoke on behalf of Gruppo Mastrotto and declared her willingness to reduce emissions by 40% by 2030 as envisaged in the objectives of the UN Agenda. According to the calculations, in fact, the 500 trees will lead to a benefit of about 10 thousand kg of absorbed CO2, equal to more than 35,000 grams of fine dust (PM10) per year captured, also helping to ensure a fundamental habitat for urban bees.


The widespread forestation project is in line with the ideals of the Mastrotto group since it is part of a broader vision that sees this company working for years, with continuity, in Italy and abroad, on the issues of sustainability and social responsibility. ‘business.

The remaining part of the trees covered by the initiative was donated to employees who received the tree directly at home thanks to the home service created by beleafing. After planting their tree, citizens will be able to see it grow in their garden and online as well; in fact, each tree is photographed and geolocated in a map that can be consulted on the website under the heading “Green Conquest”.

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