DANI S.p.a. for the Chiampo Valley


The Project “5000 trees for the Chiampo Valley” continues and this time it’s up to DANI S.p.a., a full-cycle tanning company that produces leather for all sectors. During the event at the DANI Automotive headquarters in Arzignano, 500 trees will be donated, in collaboration with beleafing, the Municipality of Arzignano and Chiampo. DANI chose to promote this initiative on November 21, 2021, on the “National Tree Day”, to reaffirm its green commitment and demonstrate its great interest in caring for the local area.

Some trees will be destined for the public gardens of the Municipality of Chiampo, while the others will be available to private citizens who can book them through the www.beleafing.com platform by entering the code DANI-21. For DANI, the initiative is an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability given that for years it has chosen to be a sustainable company, recognizing the principles that guide its entrepreneurial actions, aimed at safeguarding the planet, its ecosystems and future generations.
To promote biodiversity, the company has chosen 4 of the 8 tree species proposed by beleafing: cherry, chestnut, dogwood and lime; all of beekeeping interest.

The ethical and strategic value of the company’s socio-environmental responsibility is expressed through investments in research, innovation, inclusion and distribution projects, reported each year in the “Sustainability Report”, a global report that shows the company’s attitude to sustainable in all its forms: environmental, social and economic. This is why DANI decided to join the urban reforestation project promoted by beleafing, focusing above all on the campaign to improve the air and protect bees.
On the day of the delivery of the trees, a vademecum “10 small actions to save bees” will be delivered to raise awareness among citizens and encourage them to take small concrete actions that can make a difference.

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