#ECAgreen: for its 40th anniversary

To celebrate its 40th year of activity, ECA Technology has decided to emphasize the corporate values that characterize it: efficiency, energy saving and projection towards the future and respect for the environment.

The celebration of the great milestone began by collaborating with beleafing, in fact trees will be allocated for the reforestation of areas that frequently exceed the maximum levels of fine dust in the atmosphere. This will make it possible to contribute to the reduction of fine particles and CO2 and to increase the biodiversity present in nature by lightening the burden of human action and making people aware of the need to choose renewable technologies for their homes.

According to ECA Technology and beleafing, the tree itself can represent a concrete and tangible act which, together with high-efficiency systems, helps to optimize environmental improvement performance.
In fact, some species of trees contribute to a greater reduction and absorption of the pollutants that we breathe daily in our cities such as fine dust (PM10), ozone, nitrogen dioxides, sulfur.

Planting a tree means breathing better air directly because the closer a tree is to a polluting source, such as the fireplace or heating of a house, the more effective its air filter capacity will be.

Not only that, it helps prevent environmental disasters such as floods, floods, tornadoes, landslides, landslides which are now always the result of the climate change underway.

The tree species selected by beleafing act in favor of the increase of plant species in urban areas, the so-called urban forestry, and of the pollination of poultry species such as bees, thereby increasing biodiversity and the development of ecosystems.

Finally, planting an extra tree means reducing the “heat island” phenomenon due to the overbuilding of our cities that accumulate the sun’s rays by retaining them: the foliar apparatus, in addition to providing shade and retaining rainwater, reflects the rays thus reversing the phenomenon.

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