10,000 trees for 10,000 gardens in the Berica area

The new beleafing campaign aims to give breath to the Berica Area by donating trees to all the families and students of the area, known throughout the country for its artistic heritage such as the Palladian villas, churches and various fountains.

The green initiative is to reforest urban areas, in this case those of the Berica area.
In May 2021 the events finally returned to the squares of Montegalda and Castegnero where the first 1000 trees were delivered in total safety and in full compliance with current regulations. The residents of the municipalities were thus able to collect the reserved trees and subsequently, due to the fact that they could not participate directly in the event, the trees were delivered directly to their homes, using the beleafing home delivery service.

The companies that have joined the Berica Area campaign are: Tomasetto, Stefanplast, Perdoncin, MA Impianti, Masiero Impianti, RIELLO Team Service and PRIX. All the entrepreneurs involved in the project have at heart the well-being of the environment and of the citizens who live in the areas in question, in fact, in the corporate mission there is always a reference to the desire to reduce CO2 emissions and to use recycled materials. and / or recyclable.

The first event for the distribution of trees to the citizens of Montegalda took place on Sunday 25 April 2021 at Piazza Gugliemo Marconi in Montegalda (VI)

To ensure maximum safety for all those present in compliance with current regulations, the withdrawal of the trees has been staggered into time slots. All the people involved then received an email with instructions and delivery times; this whole procedure was entirely handled by our beleafing team.

The passing of the baton is one of the fundamental stages in the life path of human beings.
This occurs between past and future generations, occurs within companies and occurs within administrations.

On this occasion, the Mayor of Chiampo Matteo Macilotti passes the baton – a Cherry tree, symbol of the City of Chiampo, to the Mayor of Montegalda Andrea Nardin as the representative of the Berica Area.
In 2019, the Chiampo Administration was the main promoter of the “5,000 trees for the Chiampo Valley” project.

Today, this gesture officially begins the “10,000 trees for the Berica Area” project in Montegalda.
During this day 150 trees were delivered that will be planted in the private gardens of the citizens, favoring widespread and participatory forestation.

The second tree distribution event was held on Sunday 2 May 2021 at Piazza Mercato in Castegnero (VI).
Also in this case, in order to guarantee the maximum safety of all those present, in compliance with the regulations in force, the withdrawal of the trees was staggered into time slots.
All the people involved then received an email with instructions and delivery times; this whole procedure was entirely handled by our beleafing team.

A THANK YOU goes to the local entrepreneurs, Tomasetto Achille, Stefanplast Spa, MA Impianti, Masiero Impianti who supported the launch of the first campaign of the “10,000 trees for the Berica Area” project.

For safety issues and to avoid gatherings of people in any way, it was not possible to welcome all the people who participated in this first phase of the project by choosing their own tree.

In the following weeks, therefore, other 500 trees were delivered directly to the homes of the residents of the other municipalities of the Berica Area, through our home delivery service.

Our hope is to return as soon as possible to realize events in the presence. The project will continue in the coming months and has already expanded to all 24 municipalities in the Berica area; in autumn 2021 the arrival of new trees and new campaigns is expected for everyone!

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