What to do to love your tree

pianta l'albero

Where to plant

Each species has its own favorite place, but above all it is better to plant small trees so that they can get used to their new home from an early age.

To increase the environmental benefits and ensure the tree’s long life, it is important to follow a few simple tips:

  • choose a place about 5 meters from the building;
  • keep about 6 meters away from power lines;

And a couple of tricks ..

If you are interested in absorbing road pollutants such as PM10 (fine dust), choose a position facing the street; If, on the other hand, you want to filter the air from your chimneys, choose the position closest to the side where its fumes come out.

The planting

The earth must be prepared that is fresh but not wet. A hole 40 cm deep and 40 cm wide is dug, fertilizer is applied and then the tree is planted until the roots are completely covered. Be careful not to cover the barrel!

Once planted it can be watered down.

Best to plant in the early morning and during the rest period (without leaves), from October to April.

inaffia coltiva l'albero
inaffia coltiva ama l'albero

Look after

In the early years, trees are like little newborn babies and therefore they need constant attention.

Every week you have to remove the grass that grows near the small trees and if it doesn’t rain you have to give them a drink, let’s say every 2 weeks.


When the tree exceeds 2 meters, it can be pruned to avoid lateral branches and “V” bifurcations.

Avoid the clean cut of the top and the cutting of branches with a diameter greater than 3 cm in order to avoid damage from attacks by parasites and fungi.

potatura coltivazione albero
vivi coltiva l'albero


Trees grow and live for up to 200 years, three times the life of a man. Once planted, it will guarantee an environmental improvement and an increase in the quality of life for you and your family…

  • absorbing the carbon dioxide (CO2) that surrounds you;;
  • capturing the fine dust (PM10) released by cars;
  • creating simple shade that you can enjoy in your garden in the summer;