Who we are

Who we are.

We are a consulting company that creates and develops urban, widespread and participatory forestry projects.

Our team is made up of experts in various areas of expertise such as architecture, urban planning, communication and marketing with a common goal: to carry out environmental sustainability projects.

We want to tackle climate change and develop a sharing system between the various players in our area: companies, public authorities and individuals.

By planting trees, we improve the air and climate of our cities: it is for this reason that we operate and take care of the place where we live, the Po Valley, in Italy. There is a lot of space that can be used near us, in people’s gardens and in public areas.

What we do.

We plant trees, for citizens, for the environment and for our cities.

Urban forestry brings with it multiple positive impacts for citizenship, the environment and the cities themselves. The creation of green urban areas represents a concrete response to the increasingly severe atmospheric events, such as floods and heat bubbles affecting our cities.

Reduction of hydro-geological risk


Reduction of the heat island effect


CO2 sequestration

Capture of fine dust


Increase of biodiversity


Social aspects


The Sustainable Development Goals are a series of 17 interconnected goals, defined by the United Nations as a strategy to “achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”.

beLeafing contributes to the achievement of some of these objectives such as the fight against climate change (13), the development of more sustainable urban areas (11) and the contribution of greater biodiversity (15).


beLeafing was born from the idea of Emiliano Vettore and Diego Pellizzaro, friends since their university days. Both urban planners, graduated at the IUAV University in Venice. beLeafing wants to respond to the need to take concrete action to improve the area in which we live.

During this new challenge, Emiliano and Diego found new members on their path that led to the formation of the current Team.

Alessandra Palentini, the “communicator” of the group, capable of transforming complex technical concepts into simple and effective words capable of being understood by all our potential partners and customers.

Lisanna Bassi, “the esthete” of the Team, with an extraordinary ability to create images, site maps and other materials and documents that can excite and “speak for themselves”.

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