Verallia Italia promotes the environmental development of the city of Lonigo


The urban reforestation campaign, part of the “10,000 trees for the Berica Area” initiative, designed by beleafing with the collaboration of Verallia, ended on Sunday 24 October 2021.

In the Lonigo Hippodrome Park, the trees that citizens had previously booked from the beleafing portal were delivered, choosing from the 8 promoted species, 4 non-deciduous and 4 types of plants that favor biodiversity.

The event marked the conclusion of the first action of the project, the 1,000 trees donated to company employees and citizens, will now be planted in private gardens, and will favor the process of widespread and participatory urban forestation.

During the delivery of the trees, the various representatives of the protagonists of the campaign intervened: the Municipality of Lonigo, Verallia and beleafing.
The Mayor of Lonigo, Pierluigi Giacomello, kicked off the speech by thanking the Verallia collaborators for their initiative and sensitivity towards the territory. He also stressed the importance of safeguarding the future for the next generations.
The councilor for the environment Alberto Bellieni then remarked on the work of disseminating the project by the schools of Lonigo which are committed to involving pupils and their families.

The word was then passed to Carlo Losi director, and Alice Mattiello HR of the Verallia plant in Lonigo, who expressed the pride of being part of the project in collaboration with beleafing born from the PUR project, which operates in socio-environmental projects, where the Lonigo plant obtained the highest score.


The schools of Lonigo and Noventa Vicentina also had a voice through Barbara Scarso, principal of the Sartori Institute, and the teacher Mastrotto of the Masotto Institute, who expressed their gratitude towards the institutions, but also “the importance of taking care for the growth of children as we take care of the growth of trees “.

The mid-morning speech ended with a greeting from Diego Pellizzaro, one of the two founders of beleafing. With his speech, he enhanced the teamwork that involved public and private actors towards a common good: to enjoy cleaner air and reduce emissions.

Now that the tree delivery event has ended, the first step has been taken. The redevelopment of the entrance to the Verallia plant will take place from a green perspective, renovating the facade of the offices with the creation of green walls. The goal is to also configure the access element to the production plant in the most sustainable way possible, so that it is at the same level as the product that Verallia puts on the market.

Finally, the third act of the path will enhance an area inside the plant thanks to the creation of an orchard and special buildings aimed at promoting the life of bees. From 50 to 60 will be planted, to be considered extra compared to the 1,000 already mentioned, following the preferences expressed by employees in the iGreengo co-design application. These trees will be between 2 and 3 years old and will have a height between 1.2m and 2m. Each person within the company will have the opportunity to express their preferences on tree species and on the various types of elements to be included, thus participating actively and personally in the whole process of enhancing this area.

The last phase of the project involves the redevelopment of a public area adjacent to the plant using the iGreengo application again, which in this case will involve the people inside Verallia and the citizens in the co-design.

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