Oscar Green Coldiretti Giovani


On 9 October 2020 beleafing was declared the winner of the regional final of the “Oscar Green”, Nature Innovators of Coldiretti Giovani Impresa, in the sustainability sector.

There were about a hundred competitors in the race, but only six were declared winners and awarded by the national president Ettore Prandini. The categories in question were divided into: Friendly Campaign, Business 5 Land, Creativity, Networking, We for the social, Sustainability.

President Prandini declared the importance of what Italian agriculture can offer thanks to young agricultural entrepreneurs for their genius, skills and the risk they know how to take, but also to look at future challenges.

He also added that young people are the most inclined to seize the opportunities of innovation and the digital change, being active on the front of new technologies, on travel, on the study of languages; they are therefore led to make the values of the Italian agri-food sector known also abroad.
Beleafing has been able to grasp and exploit this digital innovation by creating an online portal where you can see all the trees donated by Veneto businesses to citizens and municipalities.
The first step is to book your tree online which, with the help of municipal administrations, will be delivered free of charge.

The website features 8 different native species that absorb CO2 and transform it into clean air as well as promoting biodiversity. The wood in the city therefore takes shape starting from the plants in the home garden.

Cleaning the air thanks to trees has become an absolute priority and for this reason many municipalities have chosen to award the two young entrepreneurs Emiliano Vettore and Diego Pellizzaro, creators of beleafing, with the Green Oscar.

During the award ceremony, the provincial president of Coldiretti Vicenza, Martino Cerantola also underlined the ability of young companies to question themselves in the Covid period. Many of the top finishers reacted during the health emergency by partially converting the company, managing to interpret the regulations.
Also in this case beleafing stood out for its ability to adapt to the great difficulty created by the health emergency; wishing to conclude the campaign, the beleafing team managed to create a home delivery method that took place in total safety and in compliance with anti-Covid regulations.

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