Climatic events and hydrogeological instability

The beleafing project for the creation of green urban areas represents a concrete response to the increasingly severe atmospheric events, such as floods and heat bubbles that affect our cities. Planting trees can lower the risk of these increasingly frequent events happening in the area. The events in question are hydrogeological instability and climate change.

The hydrogeological instability includes all those phenomena that compromise the soil and, consequently, artifacts and urban centers. Examples of phenomena of this type are soil erosion, landslides and floods.

The consequences of this phenomenon are the processes of deforestation, to make way for urban centers, infrastructures, production structures and spaces reserved for agriculture and the high overbuilding, which reduces the permeability of the soil. To all this are added the effects of climate change underway which, with intense rainfall in short periods of time, can increase the risk of disastrous consequences; in fact, climate change underway acts on two essential elements of the climate: temperatures and rainfall.

To reduce the risk, it is essential to insist on forecasting, prevention and mitigation of the effects. In urban areas, the problem of rainwater management becomes more critical because the large amount of built and cemented surface makes the soil unable to drain the water properly. These precipitations, particularly intense and continuous, can cause flooding and even very strong discomfort.

For this reason, in the city it is important to restore green areas, avoid using additional soil to construct new buildings and choose permeable and draining materials such as concrete for outdoor paving, squares and other public surfaces. The beleafing project wants to act concretely on this: reforest urban areas.
By reforesting the most populated centers, in addition to improving air quality, absorbing more CO2 and fine dust, promoting biodiversity and increasing shaded areas, more spaces are created where the soil absorbs water more quickly.

Planting trees also favors land reorganization, especially in hilly areas where landslides are more frequent; tree roots create a web that supports the soil and makes it stronger.

What are you waiting for? Help us fill cities and private gardens with new trees, watch our next campaign and choose your free tree. If, on the other hand, you want to take part in the campaign as a company, contact us directly and together we will start a new green project!

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