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Our green actions go in two directions: the donations of trees to individuals and the reforestation of public areas.

We want to share our most important achievements with you here.

Donations to private citizens.

On March 2020 changes everything. Several tree delivery events were planned for people who had requested them, but due to the restrictions imposed by the emergency situation, everything was canceled without a postponement date.

After a few weeks of expecting a date that could not be provided, we decided to set up the home delivery service for trees. During the March 2020 lockdown period, we delivered 2,000 trees directly to people’s homes.

After the first lockdown period, in spring 2021 we went back to organizing our delivery events, in full compliance with the rules and safety.
This was possible thanks to Gruppo Mastrotto on the one hand, which donated 300 trees to employees. On the other hand, the project in the Berica Area came to life: with two events in Montegalda and Castegnero, part of the 10,000 trees planned for the campaign were delivered.

In autumn 2021, on the other hand, two important delivery events: thanks to Verallia 1,000 trees were donated to company employees and citizens of Lonigo. On the day of the tree instead, November 21, 2021, DANI S.p.a. and beleafing, joined in the delivery of 500 trees of beekeeping interest in the municipality of Arzignano.

Reforestation of public areas

By collaborating with Enrico Raimondo, ECA Technology and Fornaci Zulian, we have managed to bring green to public areas as well.

The interventions have destined the trees for the reforestation of areas that frequently exceed the maximum levels of fine dust in the atmosphere, such as the industrial area of Fontaniva and the province of Vicenza. This will make it possible to contribute to the reduction of fine particles and CO2 and to increase the biodiversity present in nature by lightening the burden of human action and raising awareness, improving the quality of life of those who live and work in the Veneto region.